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What Is SFP Module SFP Module Types And Applications

sfp module small form factor pluggable module


When the things comes in terms of Telecommunication and Data Communication then SFP module are implemented. We have seen SFP module in the back panel of Digital Headend Equipments like QAM , Switches and Media Converters etc.

It is small Electronic expansive device. There various kind of SFP module are available in the market. We will cover all these SFP modules in this article.

What Is SFP Module

sfp module small form factor pluggable

SFP Module stands for Small Form Factor Pluggable Module. It is compact device used for bot Telecom and Datacom applications. SFP module  have two ports transmitter port and receiver port. Since it supports transmit and receive we call it SFP Tranceivers.

sfp module front side

Design of SFP is based on GBIC interface. It is small that is why it also known as mini-GIBIC.  Traditionally we were using the SFP modlues supports 4.2 Gbps. While New SFP Module named as SFP Plus Modules supports 10 Gbps for ethernet and 8 Gbps for the fiber channel. SFP plus slot have its backward compatibility like it supports standard SFP module.

SFP Module Classification

SFP modules are classified on working wavelength and working distance as,

Multi mode Fiber

SX =  Used For Short Distance

550 meter  For Gigabit Ethernet 1.2 GBps

150 meter  For Fiber 4.25 GBps

Single mode Fiber

Used For Long Distance,

LX Module = 1310 nm For 10 Kilometer

ZX Module = 1550 nm  For 80 Kilometer

EX Module = 1550 nm For 120 Kilometer

Copper Twisted Pair Cabling

It supports only Gigabit Ethernet

1000Base-T = Gigabit Ethernet

We can easily gets confused by seeing different SFP modules that is why manufactures used different color rings to distinguish them,

(1) Black Ring defines the Wavelength of 850 nm For multi mode fiber.

(2) Blue color defines 1310 nm SFP module

(3) Yellow color defines the 1550 nm SFP module

(4) Purple color defines the 1490 nm SFP module

Small Form Factor Pluggable Module Applications

(1) Switches

(2) Network Interface Cards or NIC

(3) Media Convertors

(4) Storage Area Networks or SAN


As we have discussed above a SFP Module is small physical device mounted on PCB (printed Circuit Board) used for fiber channel and copper too.  Wavelength and distance are the two factors on which SFP modules categories are defined. SFP + is the new version of standard SFP Module.

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