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What is EPG Or Electronic Program Guide For Digital Headend

epg implementation for digital headend system
About EPG Or Electronic Program Guide EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide.As its name indicates that it is a program guide that is electronically available provides all the information about the program currently running and following.Thus the user can decide what to watch. Electronic Program Guide is implemented...
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Digital Headend Using Transmodulators

digital headend transmodulators
About Digital Headend Transmodulators Transmodulators are used to digitized the signal. This is usend to convert the QPSK signals to QAM modulator signals.  Transmodulators can be implemented with our Traditional Analog Headend System.Transmodulators can be tuned for particular frequency as we need. Thus we need to use individual...
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Statical Multiplexing For Digital Headend System

Statical Multiplexing
Statical Multiplexing For Digital Headend System As we all knows first we shifted from Analog Headend System to Digital Headend System to increase the number of channels.In analog headend we could run only 1 channel per frequency bandwidth where as now in digital headend system we can run...
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How To Configure Gospell GN-1838 8 CHANNEL Encorder

Gospell Encoder Configuration As we all know most of low budget headends are of Gospell. These headends are widely using by indian MSOs because of its low price range. We will discuss How To Do Gospell Encoder Configuration For GN-1838 8 Channel Encoder and It is very easy to...
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Maintain SNR CNR For Headend

Introduction  Of  SNR CNR SNR and CNR are the two terms which often used in the analog and digital communication. This ratio is measured in dB. SNR is basically signal to noise ratio or strength of the signal to the noise level in the signal. CNR stands for Carrier...
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What Is Encryption And Encryption Working

encryption in headend
Encryption  Introduction The word Encryption came from word Kryptos. Kryptos is a Greek word meaning of Kryptos is secret or hidden. Encryption is the process in which we encrypt our data for protection from third parties. This is very essential thing in today’s technology. Even is early 1900...
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C Band Ku Band For CATV Headend

c band ku band for catv digital headend
If you are a Headend Engineer or working for cable industry like Headend INFO then there is basic need for you to understand the phenomenon behind the C Band Ku Band system. These two things are most essential part of a headend weather it is Digital Headend or Analog...
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ECM EMM In CA System Or Conditonal Access System

ecm emm for digital headend ca system
ECM  EMM  Introduction ECM stands for Entitled Control Message while EMM stands for Entitled Management Message. ECM EMM are the two most important part of CA System or Conditional Access System. ECM and EMM are send with the Transport Stream to the subscriber end. ECM EMM denotes weather...
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