Professional CATV And IPTV Head-end Equipment

professional catv and iptv headend equipment
Professional CATV and IPTV head-end equipment Chengdu SoChuang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional CATV equipment manufacturer and supplier. Till now, our products have covered: DVB-S/S2 IP IRD,HD HDMI Encoders, SD MPEG2/H.264 encoder, Encoder Modulators, IP QAM Modulators,DVB-S/S2 Modulators, DVB-T/DVB-T2 (COFDM) Modulators, Trans-modulators with CI, etc. More then 100 different kinds...
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What Is OTT and Over The Top Working And Architecture

over the top
Introduction As we know TV channel services are not limited to view in Television by ordinary STBs while these services can be view in Smartphone , Tablet, Android Box  and Laptop etc. So there are different kinds of subscriber end devices. If we want to capture the market...
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8 IN 1 HD H.264 IP Encoder Or HD Encoder

hd encoder
Introduction Of Encoder As we all knows encoders plays an important role in digital headend devices. These are used to encode the services. Generally we use SD encoders in digital headend system. But as you knows technology is improving day by day that is why we need to...
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What Is Transcoding And Transcoding Working

what is transcoding
Introduction Generally in Digital Headend we converts analog signal into the digital signal then it is know as encoding and the device which performs this action is called the encoder. But transcoding is much different from encoding.  Transcoding is digital to digital conversion of one encoding to another....
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What Is BER MER For Digital Headend System

Introduction Of BER MER BER MER are the two parameters generally used in Digital Headend system for the characterization of digitally Modulated signal. In Other Words, BER MER are two factors which are responsible for proper delivery of signal. If you are a Headend Engineer then these two...
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What Is CBR VBR MBR And What Is Difference Detween Them

Introduction Of CBR VBR And MBR When the things comes in terms of configuration of Digital Headend devices then we gets interact with these three encodings named as CBR , VBR and MBR. These three terms are generally asked in the configuration of encoders. These are called encoding bitrates....
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