Arris D5 QAM Power Supply Troubleshooting

Arris D5 QAM Power Supply troubleshooting
Introduction Arris D5 UEQ where UEQ stands for Universal Edge QAM. Arris D5 UEQ is known for its better RF performance.  It is used for digital broadcast , VOD and SDV. SDV stands for Switched Digital Video. It uses RPC Or RTSC  protocols to perform SDV. Arris D5...
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Difference Between DVBS DVBC DVBT DVBH

Introduction Of DVB DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting. DVB is a project and it is group of 200 companies. This group works for Digital Media Delivery System as well as broadcasting. There is a annual membership for this group. It is governed by MoU. The DVB project...
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What is DVB ASI Asynchronous Serial Interface

dvb asi asynchronous serial interfaxce
Introduction If you are a headend engineer then probability you have gone threw ASI signal. Initially some MSOs were using ASI digital headends but later on they have converted their headends in IP Headend. We have seen some digital headend devices like encoders provide the ASI Signal output....
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SDI HDMI Difference Between Them For Headend

Introduction SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface while HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. SDI HDMI both standards are used for the transmission for Digital video and audio signal. SDI signal have various standards like HD-SDI , 3G-SDI and 6G-SDI. There are three types of HDMI cables...
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SDI Serial Digital Interface And SDI cables

sdi signal
Introduction When the things comes in terms of Transmission of digital audio video signals then there are various type of transmission standard take place like SDI signal , HDMI signal and IP signal etc. In this article we will discuss about what is SDI , SDI signal and...
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Teleste Luminato QAM Backup

teleste luminato backup
Why And When Backup QAM ? A Headend Engineer  needs to get the backup of Digital Headend Equipments time to time. These Digital Headend Equipments cab be QAM , CAS Server , PSI SI Server  and SMS Server. Because it save our time and effort to restore our...
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Teleste Luminato QAM Overview

teleste luminato qam overview headend info
Introduction When the things comes in terms of Digital Headend then QAM plays an important role in it. QAM have IP input and gives RF output. Different RF cards are used for different RF frequencies. There are various kinds of QAM are available in the market like Teleste...
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RTMP Or Real Time Messaging Protocol

rtmp real time messaging protocol
Introduction When the things comes in terms of OTT Headend then the terms take place like RTMP , RTSP , CDN, DASH and HLS etc. Here we are going to discuss about RTMP only. What Is RTMP RTMP is known as Real time Messaging Protocol. RTMP was originally...
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SCAT 2017 Exhibition Digital Headend Equipments

Introduction South Asia‘s Largest Tradeshow Of The Indian Cable & Satellite Television Industry SCAT 2017 was held 12 , 13 , 14 October in World Trade Center , Mumbai , India. In this article we will discuss about the headend equipments shown in exhibition.     Headend Equipments...
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Reasons Of Freezing In Headend System For CATV

reasons of freezing in headend
Introduction – Reasons Of Freezing In Headend What are the reasons of freezing in Digital Headend ? This question is very short but the answer is very long. Because there are lot of reasons for freezing of tv channels in digital headend.   So we will cover these reasons...
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