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What Is DAS Or Digital Addressable System For Cable TV Industry

what is das or Digital Addressable System

Introduction Of DAS

DAS is a BIG Revolution in Cable Tv Industry. Which played an important role in establishment of this cable tv business. It had became necessary to implement DAS.

If you are planning for Digital Headend then there is need for to apply DAS License. After that you need to purchase good Digital Headend Equipments for your Digital Headned.

DAS implementation is divided into four phases like Phase 1 , Phase 2 , Phase 3 and Phase 4 in which different cities lies in different phases.

What Is DAS

digital addressable system

DAS stands for Digital Addressable System. DAS is description of transmitting encrypted digital tv services using Headend Equipments in different stages of transmission.

In other words DAS is a digital cable tv distribution system in which encrypted services are transmitted by MSOs and cable operators to cable tv subscribers by deploying Set Top Box.

Digital Addressable system means that subscriber is digitally identifiable.

As described above DAS is digital system which let us know how to transmit digital cable tv services to the cable tv subscribers by using Digital Headend equipments as well as CATV Susbscriber End Devices.

Advantages Of Digital Addressable System

Traditionally we were using Analog Headend. We were transmitting maximum 104 analog tv channels. So there is limitation of analog channels. All of these analog channels were in FTA (free to air) mode. In this system any unauthorised subscriber could connect his cable and watch the tv servies free of cost. The quality of last analog channels goes low. We can not provide Electronic Program Guide or EPG. We can not provide additional services like Switched Digital Video , Video On Demand and Games etc.

In other words Earlier cable tv operators were not knowing exactly how many subscribers are they having. Which makes hard to collect payment from catv subscribers. The number of channels were increasing day by day that had became a need for cable tv subscribers to watch more and more tv channels.

To overcome all of these problems there was need for a system which increase the number of channels and encrypt the services. Also provides additional services with good picture quality in less bandwidth.

Thus Digital Addressable System was implemented.

Important Factors Of DAS

It enable transmission of encrypted cable tv services or prevent the data from accessing by unauthorised person.

It enable us to increase the number of tv channels.

It enable us to provide EPG Guide.

It enable us to provide additional services like SDV , VOD , Games and Radio.

TV channels quality have increased.

It enable us Pay Per View or bouquet system.

It enable us to provide Broadband Data service.

This makes easy count ability of cable tv subscribers which helps in the collection of payment.

It also enable us to generate advertising revenue by displaying ads in Set Top Box.

Now subscriber can view all the channels category wise.


DAS denotes the growth of cable tv industry. It have became mandatory to implement. In other words for a digital headend a DAS license is mandatory.

DAS enable us to provide various services like TV channels , Radio ,VOD , SDV and Games. Also it helped us to provide services pay per view. So that cable tv subscriber can pay for the tv channels which he wants to watch. So there is freedom for cable tv subscriber.

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