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BISS Encryption BISS Types BISS Key

Introduction Basically we receive two types of channels from satellite feed. These are Scrambled Channels and FTA Channels. We can see free of cost FTA channels in our satellite receiver while in case of scrambled channels we need to use authorized decoder or keys to decode scrambled channels....
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What Is GPON Working Of GPON And Architecture

Introduction In 1990 APON standard was created by ITU (International Telecommunication Union).  It used for ATMs. After that BPON standard was created. BPON is known as Broadband Passive Optical Network. BPON have low upstream and downstream speed that is 622 Mbits/s for downstream and 155 Mbits/s for upstream....
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What Is OLT And OLT Working OLT Functions

Introduction When the things comes in terms of FTTH Triple Play Services then we need to implement the OLT. Where FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home. Triple play services means a solution which provides three services Voice, Data and video. So in this article we will discuss...
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What Is Prostream 1000 Overview Working And Advantages

prostream 1000 headend info services
Introduction Multiplexing and Scrambling are two important things which take place in every Digital Headend System. To perform these two actions there are lot of Digital Headend Equipments available in the market. So In this article we are going to cover one of them known as Prostream 1000....
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What Is PCR Working Of PCR Monitoring Of PCR

Introduction Today every subscriber wants smooth playback of videos for real time video applications. They do not want any type of interception or delay in the delivery of videos or programs. So this is mandatory for a service provider to offer smooth playback of videos and programs because...
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What Is M3U8 File M3U8 Editing and M3U8 players

Introduction As we have discussed in previous article about M3U. M3U is a extension of file, containing the playlist of audio and video represents online streaming for them. A VLC player we mostly use to convert and play these files. So now in this article we will discuss...
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What Is M3U File M3U Syntax M3U Players

m3u headend info
Introduction As we all knows Digital Headend Industry is growing day by day. For that reason we came across the terms FTTH Tripple Play and OTT etc. Where FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home and OTT stands for Over The Top. So in this article we are...
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What Is CAM Module Or Conditional Access Module

Introduction Broadcaster broadcast the premium services from their end and they always try to provide best solution to their subscriber to descramble the services for authenticated users or MSOs. For that reason the term came CAM Module which mounts in CI slot. What Is CAM Module   CAM...
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Set Top Box or STB Working And Architecture

set top box
Introduction There is one most important part of Digital Headend which should be considered , known as STB or Set Top Box. Because overall the output of digital headend we are measuring on STB. So we are going to discuss in this article about STB working and Architecture....
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