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What Is IPTV And IPTV Technology

iptv technology
What Is IPTV IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is advanced version of service delivery. It provides the facility to deliver triple services in a single cable. These services in combined form known as “Triple Play” services.Triple play services are (1) VOIP (2) Broadband (3) Cable Tv...
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What Is DISEQC Switch And DISEQC Motor

What Is DISEQC DISEQC stands for Digital Satellite Equipment Control. DISEQC switch allow us to use more than one LNB for a single satellite receiver.These two LNB can be both Ku band LNBs or 1 C band and other one Ku band. Earlier we were using one individual...
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What Is Wireless STB Or Wireless Set Top Box Working

wireless stb wireless set top box
Introduction Wireless STB abbreviate for Wireless Set Top Box.There are many kinds of STBs are available like SD STB , HD STB IPTV STB,Wireless STB etc. But we are going to discuss here about wireless stb.Wireless stb makes our life easy.There is no any complexity of cables.We can...
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What Is EDFA and PDFA For CATV

edfa pdfa
Earlier LCOs were getting feed from the MSO via Coaxial cables.Then LCOs implement the amplifiers to get the signal at longer distance.It was very complex system in cable tv distribution system.If you are using the coaxial cable then interference chances are high than the Optical Fiber Cable. It...
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What Is Fiber Switch And How Network Redundancy Works

fiber switch implementation
In the cable tv industry LCOs are receiving the optical signal from the MSO. MSO sends this optical signal from the transmitters .LCOs receiving this signal from the OFC or Optical Fiber Cable.This OFC have laid in the network.At the LCO end there is optical NODE installed.The output...
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What Is Splicing For CATV And Splicing Machine

What Is Splicing Splicing is a method in which two points of OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) are joined together.The machine used for this method is called the splicing machine.The method of joining of fibers is called Connectorization or Termination.Good splicing depends on lower the splicing losses.experience holder splicer...
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Headend Equipment or Cable Tv Equipments

To configure a Digital Headend we need to have equipment. These equipments are called digital headend equipment.While equipment required for cable tv are from dish antenna to ground.In cable tv equipment, headend equipment and field equipment both are combined. In this article we let you know that how...
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What is Optical Fiber Cable or OFC For Cable Tv Headend

optical fibre cable for cable tv
Introduction Of Optical Technology Optical Technology is revolution in networking industry , Cable Tv industry and Telecom Sector etc.In this optical technology we sends the optical signals at large distances with less losses of signal.We are using this optical technology so much that without it we can not...
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