What Is CBR VBR MBR And What Is Difference Detween Them

Introduction Of CBR VBR And MBR When the things comes in terms of configuration of Digital Headend devices then we gets interact with these three encodings named as CBR , VBR and MBR. These three terms are generally asked in the configuration of encoders. These are called encoding bitrates....
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Multifunctional Encoder Modulator Or Encoder Cum Modulator

multifuctional encoder modulators
Introduction Of Multifunctional Encoder Modulator Now a days demand for local channel insertion from the operator end is increasing. Every cable tv subscriber wants to see his local channels or regional channels. Because local channels have special attraction for the cable tv operator to get the connections. Regional...
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How To Do Digital Headend Maintenance CATV A To Z

digital headend maintenance
Need Of Digital Headend Maintenance If you want to provide good service to cable tv subscribers then you need to do Digital Headend Maintenance time to time. As we all knows cable tv industry have became very competitive market so it is necessary to do Headend Maintenance. Because we are...
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What Is CMTS And CMTS Architecture For Digital Headend

cmts design
Introduction Cable Tv companies are increasing their number of services. Initially they were providing Analog Tv channels after upgradation of Analog Headend with the Digital Headend they started to provide Digital Tv channels and then High Definition Television Channels. Now they are providing various services like Video On...
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