What Is Digital Headend Or Cable TV Headend

digital headend or cable headend

Introduction  Of  Digital  Headend

Basically a headend is server which receive the signal from the dishes then decodes , multiplex , encodes and then transmit it via modulators.

Traditionally we were using the Analog Headend with limited number of services. Number of channels were increasing day by day but there was no any solution. Then the term came Digital Headend.

A Digital Headend system is a new revolution in cable TV industry. Digital Headend changed the whole phenomenon of cable TV industry by increasing the number of services. A large number of services can be run on a digital headend. Also digital headend system reduces the bandwidth and provide us better pitcher quality. Also digital headend enable us to provide more services rather than channels like Radio Service , SDVVOD , internet and digital phone etc.

Digital  Headend System  Vs  Analog  Headend System

In 860 Mhz bandwidth the maximum channels which we can deliver are 106. But as we all knows channels are growing continuously and to provide all of these channels via Analog Headend is not possible that is why we need to go for compression techniques to provide maximum number of services to our subscribers.

Digital Headend System Benefits

MPEG-2 Compression Benefit

MPEG-2 compression is a digital format. MPEG-2 compression system records only those part of pictures which are changes while it did not records the repeated pictures.

Thus by excluding the repeated pictures it reduces the bandwidth space. This is how MPEG -2 system works.

One analog channel consumes the 7 Mhz frequency approximately in which by using this MPEG -2 compression system we can use approximately 8 TV channels. So we provides maximum data in limited bandwidth. By using this technique we can provide 700 services to our subscribers in 550Mhz bandwidth.

DOLBY Or Stereo Sound Benefit

Traditional analog headend does not support the stereo or dolby sound while digital headend supports the stereo or dolby sound also voice quality is improved in mpeg – 4 compression.

Additional Services

There are many additional services which are provided by the digital headend. These services are

Video On Demand

Radio Services


Internet service



These are the additional services provided by the digital headend.

Digital  Headend  Devices






CAS System



digital headend dish

Dishes are used to receive the signals from the satellites and then send this signal to IF section of the headend. There are different dishes used for to receive the signals from different satellites. These may be C-band and Ku-Band dishes.


digital headend decorder

Professional IRDs are used in the digital headend to receive the signal from the IF section of the digital headend. These IRDs decode the FTA (Free To Air) and Scrambled channels and provide us IP and ASI output.


encorder digital headend or cabel tv headend

Encoders are used to encode the signal which we are receiving from the decoders. Basically we use the encoders to convert the Composite signal into ASI or IP signal.


prostreamer 1000 multiplexer

Multiplexers are used to multiplex the services into single stream. A single stream can have many services that depends on bandwidth. For example prostreamer is used to multiplex and also this device perform the function of re multiplexing.


bnsg 9000 modulator

Modulators are used to send the signal at large distance or we can say modulator modulate the signal. We use the QAM Modulation which is called the Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. Also a modulator converts the IP signal into RF signal. Cisco QAM , Teleste Luminato, Harmonic Bnsg QAM and Arris D5 Universal EDGE QAM are the examples of QAM to perform these actions.

CAS System

This is called the Conditional Access System. Conditional Access System is used to control the services and the programs. There are different kinds of CAS are available like Logic Eastern and Gospell.


prostreamer 1000 scrambler

Scramblers are used to scramble a service. This function is performed to protect our data from unknown persons. Scrambler disorder the data for protection.

This is all about the Digital Headend System.

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  1. B.Jalander Reddy says:

    my network runing anloge chanels now upgrad todigital control room how much cost of systam

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      that depends on how much number of services you are providing and vendor also.

  2. Mrs.molly Fernandes says:

    It’s really interesting to know abut digital I am from Goa so very shortly we r going for digital headend

  3. Vinay mishra says:

    Very shortly and nicely describe

  4. Raj Poonia says:

    What is the price of digital headends of different sarvices

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      Digital headend price is approx. 12 lakh for 200 channels in which 64 will be pay channels…also cost depends upon MAKE.

  5. satya kashyap says:

    great info sharing…thanks ujjwal


    i am cable opretor

  7. md.nayme says:

    our 98 channel analog hedean running.now we are set up 128 channel digital heden,but we cannot know how much instrument or expend total cost.please you can send me information.

    your Best regard

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      Digital Headend is totally different from Analog Headend…only transmitters can be used from your Analog Headend and your modulators will not be applicable for Digital Headend. For 128 channel setup you can use equipments of Gospell Company which contains 1 Gospell QAM (One Card Only) , Gospell PSI Server and Gospell CAS Server, Gospell Encorders, SMS Server, Data & Management switchs. Thus Gospell equipements will be usable for you if you dont want to increase your Headend Cost.

  8. I want to install MPEG 2 Digital Headend with 50 Pay Channels and 50 FTA Channels,
    I will be using Insat 2 e, Asiasat 2 and 3s , Intelsat 17 for the FTA feed.

    What are the Devices used and what will be the Price ?

    Gautam Basneth

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      Gautam we will let you know about digital headend devices and its prices for that visit our Contact us page and make a contact to us…thanks

    2. gajendra says:

      Your hedin prise

  9. Thomas D Feely says:

    This is a great website Ujjwal… I’ve been involved with this technology for 30 years now… about 10 years for the old NTSC Analog and 20 years for ATSC Digital… The article mentions 7 MHz channel bandwidth (Consumes 7MHz) I’m not aware of that? PAL uses 8 MHz and ATSC uses 6 MHz…

  10. razi ahmed says:

    very interesting to get basics of digital headened

  11. K. K. Sharma says:

    I want to install MPEG 2/4 Digital Headend with50 HD Channel, 80 Pay Channels and 200 FTA Channels,
    What are the Devices used and what will be the Price ?
    K. K. Sharma

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      well cost depends upon the MAKE…to get exact details for costing contact us on our whatsapp number that is mentioned in our our contact us page or provide us your Email ID Thanks

  12. Chandramohanthalla says:

    our 42 channel analog hedean running.now we are set up 70 channel digital heden,but we cannot know how much instrument or expend total cost.please you can send me information.
    your Best regard

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      200 channels setup costs you arround 12 lakh INR in which 64 will be pay channels rest will be FTA.

  13. Manish mohan says:

    Sir pls tell me only for FTA headend cost . I want no pay channel on my network

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      It will cost you near about 8 LAC and there will be 136 FTA channels.

  14. Devendra singh Parmar says:

    Sir 200 channels setup costs you arround 12 lakh INR in which 64 will be pay channels rest will be FTA. Bich company setup Box price . Monthly rental

    1. Ujjwal Swami says:

      For more detail contact us

      +91 8239222444



  15. Subhash choudhury says:

    Sir HD channal setup price how much