What Is OTT and Over The Top Working And Architecture

over the top
Introduction As we know TV channel services are not limited to view in Television by ordinary STBs while these services can be view in Smartphone , Tablet, Android Box  and Laptop etc. So there are different kinds of subscriber end devices. If we want to capture the market...
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How To Do Digital Headend Maintenance CATV A To Z

digital headend maintenance
Need Of Digital Headend Maintenance If you want to provide good service to cable tv subscribers then you need to do Digital Headend Maintenance time to time. As we all knows cable tv industry have became very competitive market so it is necessary to do Headend Maintenance. Because we are...
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What Is DVB T And DVB T2 For Digital Video Broadcasting

dvb t dvb t2
What Is DVB T And DVB T2 DVB T stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial. DVB T2 stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Second Generation Terrestrial. DVB T2 is the upgraded version of DVB T.So DVB T2 allows additional services and features.In other words DVB T2 is advanced DTT...
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DVB H For Mobile Tv and PDA Devices

What Is DVB H DVB H stands for Digital Video Broadcasting For Handheld devices. These handheld devices can be Mobile and PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) etc. DVB H is a standard it is used to deliver digital TV services to mobile and PDA devices. It was published by...
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IPTV Headend And IPTV Transmission Technique

IPTV Headend IPTV abbreviated for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV headend is most likely to normal Digital IP Headend. Transmission technique for IPTV headend is different. IPTV headend provides three services like cable tv,VOIP and Internet service. To understand the IPTV headend we have block diagram for IPTV headend...
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What Is IPTV And IPTV Technology

iptv technology
What Is IPTV IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is advanced version of service delivery. It provides the facility to deliver triple services in a single cable. These services in combined form known as “Triple Play” services.Triple play services are (1) VOIP (2) Broadband (3) Cable Tv...
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Digital Headend Using Transmodulators

digital headend transmodulators
About Digital Headend Transmodulators Transmodulators are used to digitized the signal. This is usend to convert the QPSK signals to QAM modulator signals.  Transmodulators can be implemented with our Traditional Analog Headend System.Transmodulators can be tuned for particular frequency as we need. Thus we need to use individual...
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