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Headend Equipment or Cable Tv Equipments

To configure a Digital Headend we need to have equipment. These equipments are called digital headend equipment.While equipment required for cable tv are from dish antenna to ground.In cable tv equipment, headend equipment and field equipment both are combined. In this article we let you know that how...
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Digital Headend Using Transmodulators

digital headend transmodulators
About Digital Headend Transmodulators Transmodulators are used to digitized the signal. This is usend to convert the QPSK signals to QAM modulator signals.  Transmodulators can be implemented with our Traditional Analog Headend System.Transmodulators can be tuned for particular frequency as we need. Thus we need to use individual...
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IP Headend Architecture And Working

ip headend working
IP  Headend  Introduction Basically IP headend is a headend that runs on Internet Protocol. In IP headend each device is controlled by IP from one server. In IP headend we receive every signal in IP and gives IP output. Internet Protocol Address or IP Address is also known...
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What Is Digital Headend Or Cable TV Headend

digital headend or cable headend
Introduction  Of  Digital  Headend Basically a headend is server which receive the signal from the dishes then decodes , multiplex , encodes and then transmit it via modulators. Traditionally we were using the Analog Headend with limited number of services. Number of channels were increasing day by day...
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