What Is CMTS And CMTS Architecture For Digital Headend

cmts design
Introduction Cable Tv companies are increasing their number of services. Initially they were providing Analog Tv channels after upgradation of Analog Headend with the Digital Headend they started to provide Digital Tv channels and then High Definition Television Channels. Now they are providing various services like Video On...
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What Is SDV Or Switched Digital Video For Digital Headend Or CATV

sdv switched digital video
Introduction Cable Tv companies are having large bandwidth available to deliver the different services. These services are Cable Tv Service, Internet service , Video On Demand , Radio Services and Digital Phone Service. Cable Tv companies stream all the digital video channels into the different digital streams and sends...
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What Is QAM And EDGE QAM And Difference Between Them

qam edge qa difference
Introduction Of QAM QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulator. QAM is also known as heart of a Digital Headend. Because for a digital headend all the major process are done in QAM like PID mapping ,scrambling and RF conversion. It is used to modulate the signal so that...
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